Jewish Bible in Arabic

The official Jewish commentary of the Torah into Arabic
An important work of Rabbi Saadia Gaon, the renowned Jewish leader
In this 1100 year old book, manuscripts are unveiled.

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More than a literal translation

A comprehensive commentary which precludes the need to seek answers and explanations in a multitude of other books

A Jewish holy book

The only translation that meets all of the halachic criteria for Biblical translation

A pleasant reading experience

Vowelized and easy to read text

A unique work of decodification

The book has received accolades from Jewish Rabbis and scholars around the globe.

About Rabbi Saadia Gaon

Rabbi Saadia Gaon (lived 882-942) was one of the most influential personalities to exist in the history of Jewish culture. He added profound insight and skill to every field of knowledge which he came in contact with, these being mainly: halachic treatise, commentaries on scripture, language, religious thought, and poetry. He was able to simultaneously pour his insightful, new wisdom into a subject while maintaining age-old Jewish religion and knowledge as well. He maintained the wisdom of the Mishnaic and Talmudic scholars before him while finding a suitable balance with the times that he lived in. He did this by translating scriptures into the accepted Judeo-Arabic language of his day, and aligning his translations with the accepted religious and scientific knowledge of his time period.

 The Tafsir, as this book is known in its original Arabic, is the most famous of his works and is a biblical exegesis written for the Jews of his time, most of who lived in Arabic speaking countries.

Sample chapters

Our work

The manuscript of this commentary has been preserved in the original Judeo-Arabic (Classical Arabic written in Hebrew letters). It is not accessible to the public. In the last three years, we have painstakingly transcribed the Judeo Arabic text into standard Arabic lettering. Now, for the first time in thirteen centuries, it is possible to access and learn the commentary of Rabbi Saadia Gaon, the official Jewish commentary of the Torah into Arabic.

A sample of our work

the Judeo Arabic text transcribed into standard Arabic lettering


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